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One-stop Office Furniture solution Service  

 Office Furniture Singapore


Office furniture 

We manufacture office furniture blend well in design concept

The era of technology sees a new landscape of work driven by the flow of information. People are collaborating globally, empowered by digital networks. 

Select from our wide range of products which provide design solutions to create and inspire your workspace, making working together more productive and pleasurable.

Why Us


Internet-connected devices that communicate with one another affect our lives and changes the way we work by saving time and resources, opening new opportunities for growth and innovation.


Our quality control starts from the moment when a customer make an enquiry or ask for a quotation. The entire operating and supply chain processes are controlled in compliance with our Quality, Health and Safety (QHS) policies.


At IM Space, our goal is to ensure that our products will help to create a healthy working environment while also respecting and protecting our natural environment.

Our Products

We offer customised office solutions such as a wide range of system panel workstation, desking system workstation and training table, All of the workstation are produced in-house and are manufactured to the highest standard. Click here to know more details:

Our Portfolio

Here are some of the projects our designers handle. Browse through our portfolio here.


Get In Touch

To discuss on your requirements of Office Renovation and view the range of material, furniture and color scheme available in our one stop furnishing center.

Our dedicated team of work force ensuring the finest details from design, production to finishing.Taking Pride In Our work and priority in customer service & satisfaction.

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