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Office furniture design project in singapore

Office Furniture

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The era of technology sees a new landscape of work driven by the flow of information. People are collaborating globally, empowered by digital networks.

Select from our wide range of products which provide design solutions to create and inspire your workspace, making working together more productive and pleasurable.

Why our products?


Internet-connected devices that communicate with one another affect our lives and changes the way we work by saving time and resources, opening new opportunities for growth and innovation.


Our quality control starts from the moment when a customer make an enquiry or ask for a quotation. The entire operating and supply chain processes are controlled in compliance with our Quality, Health and Safety (QHS) policies.


At IM Space, our goal is to ensure that our products will help to create a healthy working environment while also respecting and protecting our natural environment.

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Our projects feature our products, look through our gallery to see how our products can fit into your company!

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