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Is Smart Home #worthit in Singapore?

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What is a smart home?

From keyless door lock to colour-changing lights and voice controlled appliances, a smart home can do it all for you. As technology advances, we as homeowners are expecting better quality of life, especially at the place that we spend a good chunk of our time in.

Setting up a smart home often involve replacing traditional switches, sockets, light and entertainment system with sophisticated versions that are able to connect to the internet or an independent home network system.

What are the benefits of a smart home?

Nowadays, smart home are not just about simply controlling your appliances with your smart phone. With the integration of smart sensors and more advanced Artificial Intelligence , smart home system can now automatically detects when the room is getting too warm, too bright, too humid, and automatically turn on the air-con, or even adjusting the curtain to let more sunlight in.

You can also pre-set scenes, and with a click of a button or using your voice, your TV and air-con turns on while the light dims, leaving you with a perfect environment to watch your favourite show.

IM Smart Home range of smart devices

What do I need to know or get before converting my home into a smart home?

Firstly, you have to identify exactly what you want. While there are many different smart home systems out there, most of them DOES NOT integrate with each other. A smart switch from company A will most likely not work with a smart hub from company B, so you have to ask yourself what you want out of transforming your home.

Another common misconception is that in order to convert to a smart home, you have to throw and replace all the traditional appliances you have. With MOST smart home companies having their own smart sockets and Infrared Controller, all you have to do is to simply set them up accordingly, and they are able to turn your old TV and air-cons into a smart device just like that.

Is it expensive to set up a smart home in Singapore?

Smart home devices are often a lot more expensive than their counterparts. For example, a smart switch could easily be 5-10 times more expensive than traditional switches you find at hardware stores (20 times if you buy from taobao).

Depending on which system you choose and how big is your apartment, a full smart home system for a 5 room flat in Singapore can set you back anywhere between $1200 - $4000.

However, studies have shown that smart home devices often have better power and resource management, which ultimately translates to saving down the line. Pair that with the added convenience and security it provides, it is actually quite reasonably priced.

IM Space LAZADA Smart Home transformation map

Tips before buying your first smart device.

1. Do your research.

Talk to your spouse and identify what you want in your smart home, then choose the system that fulfils your requirement. Like I mentioned earlier, most smart home systems DON’T integrate with each other well, so it is better to select a system that have all the devices you want so you won’t have to purchase multiple smart hubs and download multiple apps.

2. Plan your purchase.

You can always start small, such as purchasing a smart hub and a few smart switches to play around, and slowly expand into smart sockets, infrared controllers and eventually curtains and door locks. This gives you a better understanding of the system help you to make better upgrade decisions.

3. Don’t forget your credit cards.

Many of the smart devices can be bought online or in e commerce stores such as LAZADA or Shopee, so don’t miss the chance to earn some credit card perks!


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