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Space 3 & Hybrid

The Space 3 panel system aims to achieve "Design More With Less" by featuring a minimalist panel frame that offers a sleek and streamlined appearance while still providing ample space for creative office design. In addition, it offers a discreet wire management solution that hides cables within the vertical raceway built into the panels, while the horizontal raceway above the tabletop offers convenient access to power sockets. Optional cable trays under the work surface also provide additional wire management capabilities.


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• 30mm Thick Aluminum Frame
• Internally Plywood core upholstered with fire retardant fabric or in other materials such as glass, laminate, whiteboard, etc
• Wire management channel at work-top or below work-top level to conceal wires
• Combination of thick panel such as Space 5 in response to the complexity of cabling requirements and working environment
• Adjustable levelling glides
• Ability to support a variety of mounted storages, work surfaces and supplementary components


• Panel Frame Colour: White, Silver, Grey
• Panel Finishes: Fabric, Glass/Acrylic, Magnetic Whiteboard

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