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How Break Room Design Improves Productivity: Benefits of an Effective Break Room Design

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Productivity in the workplace is a priority for any organization. To maximize productivity, it is important to create a work environment that motivates employees to do their best. Here are some tips on how break room design improves productivity.

-How break room design increase productivity

An effective break room design can provide a wealth of benefits to a business, including improved morale, increased creativity, and even more efficient collaboration. By creating a break room that is inviting and comfortable, employers can ensure that their employees have an area to relax, reset, and ultimately, become more productive when they return to their tasks.

-Provides Comfortable seating

A comfortable break room starts with seating that employees enjoy spending time in. When designing a break room, employers should choose comfortable seating that is inviting and suitable for long-term use. .When choosing seating for the break room, employers should consider the types of activities that employees may engage in, as well as the number of people who will likely be using the room at any given time. Employers can opt to include comfortable sofas or even couches to encourage employees to create a space where your employees can break away from work.

-Café-style design

A café-style break room design is a great way to make your break room feel more like a café. This design often includes a bar-height table, long benches, and plenty of natural light. Like the café, makes the space more inviting, encouraging employees to brainstorm and discuss project ideas over a cup of coffee. it is designed to foster collaboration and make employees feel like they are at home.

-Offers entertainment options

Entertainment options can help to create an inviting atmosphere and promote a collaborative atmosphere in a break room . Employers should consider the layout of their break room and the number of people when choosing tables and other entertainment options.

- Pool tables : Pool Tables are great for larger break rooms, as they can accommodate a variety of different people at the same time. Employers should ensure that the room has enough space for a pool table so that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the room.

- Ping-pong tables : Ping-pong tables are another great option for larger break rooms. Ping-pong tables can be more challenging to use than a pool table and can help encourage employees to be more creative.


Break room design can have a major impact on employee productivity. Well-designed break rooms provide a space for employees to relax, socialize, and recharge during breaks. This helps foster a healthy work environment which encourages collaboration and positive energy. By creating well-thought-out break room designs, employers can promote improved productivity among their employees.

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