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6 Things You Need To Consider Before Starting An Office Renovation in Singapore

There are plenty of factors to consider when designing an office interior. An office can have various purposes, and its design should reflect that. Moreover, the layout and design of an office space also needs to be user-friendly, which might involve a lot of consideration. Here are some helpful considerations on what you need to consider before starting an office renovation in singapore.

Set up a budget

Before beginning an office interior design project, you must take your budget into account. You will need to plan for items such as furnitures, materials, workstations and much more. By establishing your budget upfront, you may avoid incurring additional costs. If you do not know what to prepare, you can consult to office interior design company. they will discuss your needs and offer you a free quote based on them.

The overall interior look

The overall look of your office conveys your company's brand and service to your customers. There are few aspects you need to consider before starting office interior. Do you want your office to have a modern or traditional feel? What colors are most appropriate for the design of this space. What colors and textures should be used? For instance, a dark interior tone symbolise wisdom and professionalism in a law firm! On the other hand, those fashion companies might use vibrant color and creative design elements in their offices to motivate their employees to be creative while working,

Space planning

An office space planning involves taking a space's size, requirements and functions into consideration before actual interior design process. For example, there are pantry, meeting rooms, relaxation areas. department heads' offices, and work area. So, having a professional office interior designer can help you in space planning, end to end interior designing, sourcing, installation.

To begin, list the number of department heads' offices you need, the amount of space you require for your work area, meeting room, and the seating arrangement that will work best for your company. Then, it will be easier for the designer to plan your space.

Consider Technological Requirements

Before you start creating the office layout, it is important for you to consider the technological requirements of your office. Some important considerations like the location of electrical outlet and Wi-Fi router location and height for better signal strength, cable management to prevent clutter, space for the projector and screen, and proximity to the conference rooms to avoid complaints from other teams. By considering these aspects, you can easily create the best office layout that will help your employees to easily work without any hindrances.

Employees will be spending a lot of time sitting in the office, so it is important to make sure that the furniture is comfortable and ergonomic. Poor office furniture can lead them aches while well-designed furniture will allow for better back support. The first thing you should consider is setting up adjustable seats so that each employee can find their perfect position.


Before beginning an office renovation, you need to consider what type of storage's size and design your office will require. An office must still have adequate storage for storing physical copies as well as supplies. Inadequate or improperly designed storage rooms may result in visual clutter or poor storage. Having sufficient storage inside an office will maintain it clean and well organised at all times. Therefore, plan ahead can help you to avoid poor storage.

Office renovation can be a great way to increase employees' productivity, but it is important to consider all the factors before getting started. By planning ahead for your budget, space planning, technological requipments and furniture needs, you can make a successful and stress-free office renovation.



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