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Office Design Trends In 2022

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

As the future of work continues to evolve, new office designs will become increasingly important in order to attract top talent and provide employees with a work environment that can work more effectively, productively, and collaboratively. Here are a few office interior design trends to keep an eye out for in 2022.

#Trend 1 : A sense of “Home” at work

The corporate office interior design trend 2022 is to make the employees feel at home at work. This will not only increase their productivity but also reduce their stress. One way to create a sense of “home” in the office by creating relaxation area. This includes comfortable sofas, chairs, and artwork displayed throughout. These elements will provide a space that employees want to come back to work.

#Trend 2 : Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplace have become a norm since covid pandemic. Some of the companies combine remote and on-site working in their workspace. There are many benefits to having a hybrid workplace. By combining both the virtual and the physical, you can benefit from the best of both worlds. You can build a more collaborative environment, which results in better communication and more efficient workflow. Here are some ideas to help you create an office environment that can quickly adapt to changing needs in a hybrid world.

Open Space : The open plan of shared office space is a great choice for hybrid work as it provides plenty of space for employees to spread out and work comfortably. Desks are usually positioned to face each other, creating a collaborative environment.

Phone Booth: The Phone booth can create a working space that allows your employees to take phone or video call, which larger pods can provide a meeting spaces for small teams. The Phone booth can help to minimize disruptions in an open office plan.

Relaxation area : Relaxation area can promote teamwork by offering a variety of cool features , such as a recreation area , a comfortable seating areas for employees to relax while they work.

#Trend 3 : Green office

Greenery office designs have become popular nowadays. In those industries, greenery can help provide an indoor environment with the natural elements so that employees work in a healthy environment. Greenery can be used in a number of ways in the office, including in planter on walls, or on cubicle walls. A single plant or a few smaller plants can provide a bit of greenery in the office, but larger walls of plants can also be used for decoration. It can help to improve indoor air quality and provide a calming environment for employees.

#Trend 4 : Smart offices

We are already seeing the emergence of new smart office trend in 2022. We predict that the office of the future will be full of tech. One way we can see this new trend being introduced is by incorporating internet of things (IOT) sensors into offices.

Smart office IoT includes technologies like:

  • Automated door locks

  • Occupancy sensors

  • Conference room scheduling systems

  • Automated lighting control

  • Touchless access control systems

These sensors and systems are already used by some of the company. You can see this trend as more and more companies look towards incorporating digital tools into their everyday operation.


With so many exciting trends and technology impact in workspace. It is exciting to see what new design trends in 2022. New design trends will help you to stay ahead of providing employees with a work environment that lets employees feel more productively, effectively and collaborately.

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