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IM Smart Gas Sensor

Smart gas detector is used for detecting gas leakage at home and preventing gas poisoning and explosion accident. The product adopts advanced detecting components for combustible gas. It can give an alarm when gas leak occur and user will receive alarm information by phone. The valve controller also can be linked to close the gas valve when gas leakage is detected.


• Working Voltage: DC 12V
• Standby Current: ≤100mA
• Alarm Current: ≤150mA
• Alarm levels: 6%LEL+3%LEL (natural gas)
• Networking Mode: ZigBee/NB-iot
• Wireless networking distance: ≤100m
• Working temperature: -10°C ~50°C
• Ambient Humidity: 95%RH max
• Dimension: 102mm*42mm

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