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Office Storages


A wide range of filing cabinets that come in different selection of styles, colours, dimensions and materials, providing more options to suit your office interior design and needs.


• Choice of Melamine, Laminate or Metal Finish
• Adjustable glides for uneven flooring
• Pedestal Castors with locking brake
• Adjustable Shelving Height
• Key or Number Locks
• Handles or Recessed Pulls
• Ability to Add-on Planter Box


• Swing Door, Sliding Door, Tambour Door or Open Shelf
• Low, Mid or Full Height
• Pedestal in 2 Drawers 1 Filing or 1 Drawer 1 Filing


• W900 x D450 x H750
• W900 x D450 x H900
• W900 x D450 x H1200
• W900 x D450 x H1800
• Customisable Dimensions

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