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Variar Sit Stand Table


VARIAR, the height adjustable table system that help you stay in motion throughout the day at work. It provides the flexibility and adaptability to create your desired desk height, thus make working more productive and pleasurable.


Dual Motor Series
• Leg Orientation: Square/Rectangle/Round
• Height Range: 640-1290mm (3 Stage), 690-1150mm (2 stage)
• Speed: 40mm/s (3 stage), 32mm/s (2 stage)
• Frame Size: 1075-1800mm
• Max Loading: 120kg

Single Motor:
• Leg Orientation: Square/Rectangle
• Height Range: 710-1120mm (2 stage)
• Speed: 25mm/s (2 stage)
• Frame Size: 1150-1600mm
• Max Loading: 100kg


• Table leg Colour: Black, White
• Desktop Panel Finishes: Fabric, Glass, Acrylic
• 3 Legs L-Shape Desk Frame
• Face to face Desk Frame
• Anti-collision Sensor


• L1200 x D600 x H750
• L1500 x D750 x H750
• L1800 x D750 x H750
• L1600/D750 x L1600/D600 x H750

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